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129 Crossroads welcomes a true amenity! Welcome to our neighborhood, Pressed Café

 We are happy to have you! Please take my business, cheers!

As this Sunday morning roles on, I get to share some GOOD news to our readers. Earlier this month, 129 Crossroads welcomes its first true amenity – Pressed Cafe. I’m also happy to report as I write this blog I am actually at the Café. The cafe is packed, bustling, vibrant, full of community members enjoying a quality breakfast inside the building located at 330 Billerica road.

Perhaps some readers have already visited the café and know how good it is! I wanted to share some news with you about this Café that you may not be aware of… This café is only possible now because of the 129 Business Ameneties Overlay District, which was recently adapted to Chelmsford bylaws to allow these amenities here.

In order for us to attract quality businesses to our office buildings and parks, we must have amenities for these workers. They don’t want to drive to another side of town or go to Billerica just to get a cup of coffee or a quick lunch. They want to take a walk on quality sidewalks, see the beautiful PEACEFUL town of Chelmsford and be rewarded with many options of quality leisure and entertainment. Don’t believe me? Just check the competition in nearby Burlington.

If the Davis companies owned this building (which is just as old as the buildings they want to knock down and place a mega warehouse), they would say this building is obsolete, dated, and needs to be replaced by a “flex” warehouse. Eh, nobody needs these anymore. The truth of the matter is a warehouse tenant would pay more than press café to the property management company. That comes at the expense of the community, the neighborhood, surrounding businesses suffer and members of the town don’t get any amenities just another place to avoid.

Some fun facts..

The town of Chelmsford lost Kronos Corp. to competing Cross Point towers in Lowell. Kronos inked a 12-year lease. You know what the Cross Point towers have?  Amenities! I even dine there. You know what they don’t have? Yup, you guessed it – warehouses! Let’s bring more positive developments to our business district and not allow anybody to poison it for their personal gain!