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Stop the Riverneck Road Project in the Lowell Sun

On Friday, February 6, 2023, the Lowell Sun, a local newspaper, published an article to share updates to the never-ending Riverneck Road project.

The article was apty titled, “A developer plans to build a warehouse in East Chelmsford. Residents say they ‘hope it goes away.’” The article covers the 13-month – and counting – saga of The Davis Companies’ plan to raze the 2 old Mercury Computer Office Buildings on Riverneck Rd in residential East Chelmsford, MA, and in their place build a quarter-million-square-foot warehouse “flex” building. 

Morsberger interviews several concerned residents and recounts moments from the most recent Planning Board meeting that was held on Januray 25, 2023. At this meeting, residents finally had the chance to share their concerns about the new part of Davis’s plan – to convert a single-lane emergency fire path into a 2-lane “truck access road” immediately behind a dead-end, quiet, residential street.

Residents continue to be upset at Davis’s refusal to address any public concerns.

Click here to read the full article, written by Cameron Morsberger, who has covered this topic several times.

This image is a satellite view of the immediate area. The BLUE box approximates the placing and size of the warehouse building proposed by Davis Companies. The GREEN arrows show a currently dead-end, quiet street. Behind that street (to the right of it in the image) is an emergency-use-only fire lane. Davis wants to convert this one-lane emergency path into a truck access road, shown by the RED arrows.