Brick Kiln Road, Chelmsford: Scenic, Quiet? … I wouldn’t think so today

Brick Kiln Road Chelmsford Mass …   Believe it or not, Brick Kiln Road was once a great place to live. It was quiet, scenic, and right next to the historic Middlesex Canal. Can you imagine how beautiful this area must have been before UPS arrived? Fortunately or unfortunately Brick Kiln Road is right off […]

Notes from the Chelmsford Planning Board Meeting: Jan 25, 2023

the Davis companies

When the Davis Companies first presented preliminary plans to the Chelmsford Planning Board to convert the emergency-only fire-access road behind Monmouth St into a truck access road for their proposed massive warehouse, dozens of residents showed up, ready to voice their concerns. However, the Planning Board closed public comments, leaving many residents upset, until a […]

How could this happen to us in Chelmsford, Mass?

Chelmsford Massachusetts is a wonderful community of approximately 35,000 residents. We have a highly rated public school system, we hold an annual 4th of July parade, and we take pride in our history.  We are a small suburb located about 30 miles Northwest of Boston. So how did we become a target for developers wanting […]

Why you need to protect your community/town from big e-commerce NOW, not LATER

E-commerce delivery centers are popping up everywhere. E-commerce is a $750 billion industry that comprises nearly 15% of total retail. A mere 10 years ago, that number was only  4%. The sharp increase in demand for delivering products to doorsteps quicker created the modern gold rush for big developers. Big e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, […]

Stop the Riverneck Road Project in the Lowell Sun

On Friday, February 6, 2023, the Lowell Sun, a local newspaper, published an article to share updates to the never-ending Riverneck Road project. The article was apty titled, “A developer plans to build a warehouse in East Chelmsford. Residents say they ‘hope it goes away.’” The article covers the 13-month – and counting – saga of […]