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How could this happen to us in Chelmsford, Mass?

Chelmsford Massachusetts is a wonderful community of approximately 35,000 residents. We have a highly rated public school system, we hold an annual 4th of July parade, and we take pride in our history.  We are a small suburb located about 30 miles Northwest of Boston. So how did we become a target for developers wanting to build gigantic, cheap warehouses?

Honestly, it’s a real head scratcher of how the Davis Companies’ warehouse proposal even got to this stage, and how it’s still under consideration after nearly a year and a half. Perhaps we were naïve. Maybe we were sidetracked with that hangover from the pandemic.

Chelmsford has facilitated some really wonderful developments, like the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, that offers 11.7 miles of biking and walking paths that extend from Lowell, through Chelmsford, all the way to Acton.

But not all developments have been positive. Chelmsford has also made some mistakes, like on Ledge Road where dump trucks pass by residents homes. Or, perhaps arguably another mistake was made erecting a mega condo development in Chelmsford center. There’s no denying we have a traffic problem in our town. How do you think we will fare if we add in a mega-warhouse with its expected daily trucks and other vehicles?

It’s not too late! There are no gains from this warehouse proposal in Chelmsford. We need to speak up, and speak loudly! Question who allowed it to get to the stage. Ask the Planning Board what benefits this adds to our town.