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Mercury Computer Systems vs. a 250,000 Flex Warehouse? Neighborhood character

Surrounding this project is a lot of smoke and mirrors and confusion. I will attempt to clear some of the most common misconceptions in this post, mainly related to Mercury Computer Systems (the former tenant on Riverneck Raod). When Mercury moved out and relocated to Andover, it was a sad day. Although Chelmsford was hopeful, we had no idea what the future held: A developer proposing to tear down Mercury’s former home and slap a mega warehouse in its place.

Mercury computer systems fit our neighborhood character. The picture above is Mercury’s new home.

We loved Mercury as a neighbor. They operated from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. They offered decent wage jobs according to town records (500 to a 1000 of them!) and the Lowell sun article here

Mercury computer system never disrupted our neighborhood. They were as quiet as nice.


The two buildings currently residing at the former site of Mercury computer systems have a larger tax footprint then this warehouse. YES – CHELMSFORD WILL COLLECT MORE IN TAXES WITH THE CURRENT BUILDING THEN THE WAREHOUSE.

Mercury computer systems employed 500 -1000 workers in Chelmsford. According to Davis proposal (brace yourself, I can’t even believe it) they claim their warehouse will employe 30 workers with reasonable wages. What are all the trucks and parking spaces for, then? Probably third-party contractors and/or low- or minimum-wage jobs. Considering the median household income in Chelmsford hovers around $100,000, I doubt many of those jobs will be held by residents here.

I have spoken directly to many community members and surrounding residents, we are ALL for an upgrades and improvements but this project is a massive DOWNGRADE to own town in every way. Chelmsford needs to try harder to attract quality businesses! We miss you, Mercury!