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Notes from the Chelmsford Planning Board Meeting on December 14, 2022

On December 14, 2022, the Planning Board had on its agenda to discuss possibly re-zoning Monmouth St and McFarlin Rd to be residential. Currently both streeted are zoned as limited industrial, IA. Many residents of those streets, among others, attended the meeting virtually or on zoom. Monmouth and McFarlin both are residential, dead-end streets that connect to Riverneck Rd.

Apparently this re-zoning discussion is part of a larger project of the Planning Board to try and fix anomalies across town zonings in general. The timing of it was interesting, though. How can residents of these streets even know what they want when the possibility of a gigantic monstrosity of a building might pop up next door?

Most residents of these two streets agreed that they couldn’t definitively say whether they wanted to be re-zoned residential or not. If the ugly big warehouse moved in next door, maybe they wanted to stay zoned IA, so that some big developer could come buy them out of their misery! Several homeowners got up to speak about how much they loved their current quiet, dead-end streets, and how disappointed they are that the Planning Board continues to entertain the plan of the Davis Companies.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to table this discussion until the Davis Companies proposal was finalized.