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Notes from the Davis-sponsored community meeting on Nov 28, 2022

On November 28, 2022, the Davis Companies hosted a “community meeting” at their property on Riverneck Rd in Chelmsford, MA. Letters had been mailed to a very select few residents prior to the meeting, inviting them to come and voice their opinions about the project.

The project now included a truck access road behind Monmouth St. And residents had QUITE a lot to say about it.

One resident pointed out how dangerous it would be to have trucks exit at that location due to a sharp curve on Riverneck Rd nearby. Other residents continued to air their grievances about the massive, unfitting project in general. Another homeowner on Monmouth St asked the Davis Companies if they would just buy out Monmouth St, because their plan utterly destroyed the quality of life and property values of those homes.

Did the Davis Companies listen? Check out the updates from subsequent Planning Board meetings to find out. (Hint: the answer is NO)