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This just in!! Exciting vote coming this Wednesday

We, Stop the Riverneck Road Project, have fought tirelessly over the last nearly 18 months. We put up lawn signs and started a petition. We presented facts, figures, and models at Planning Board meetings. We launched a website. We came together as a group of concerned residents and neighbors to keep a quarter-million square-foot warehouse out of our neighborhoods.

And, my friends, we have some GREAT NEWS to share.

The Chelmsford Planning Board Agenda was released on Friday in advance of the upcoming meeting to be held Wednesday, March 8, 2023. And it featured some surprising and exciting agenda items! The Davis Companies is requesting to “withdraw without prejudice” from both their gigantic warehouse plans on Riverneck Rd, AND their fire land conversion plans on Apollo Dr.

What does this mean? On Wedneeday, the Planning Board will vote on these 2 requests. If passed, the 2 project proposals will be completely withdrawn from consideration. No warehouse. No truck highway. Nothing.

This is a HUGE win for the Stop the Riverneck Road Project! The Davis proposal should never have gone on this long, and arguably should not have even been considered in the first place. We are grateful to the Planning Board members who stood up for their town at the straw poll last meeting: Deirdre Connolly, Paul McDougal, Nancy Araway, Michael Walsh, and Annita Tanini! You let Davis know loud and clear that this project does NOT belong on Riverneck Road!

But for now, Chelmsford is safe.

Of note, the Davis Companies can come back at any time with a brand new proposal for their 16-acre property. We know their company is capable of great developments, and we hope they will resubmit a high quality project that is a great benefit to our town.

Thanks to all who have helped fight the good fight! Stay tuned for future developments related to this project and site. Davis will be back…